Adopt a Child

Adopt a Child

"Adopt a Child" is a program aimed to support Andean children in need. One part of the program is to brighten up those children´s Christmas by helping their families to fulfil their wishes. Those children´s wish-lists include all the common things that any child would like to be given.


This year, we along with our generous donors were able to bring Christmas gifts, school supplies and clothes to children at the remote community of Cochayoc.

However, we intend to provide support to children any time of the year!


How can you help us?



  • You can donate warm winter clothes for children and babies from high Andes living in the altitude ranging from 3,850 to 4,550 m.a.s.l. (12,632 to 14,928 f.a.s.l.). It means there is cold all year round. The children usually lack everything. For instance, warm sweaters, jackets, warm trousers, gloves, hats or scarves.
  • Toys are also much desired as most of families cannot afford them.
  • Wellies/rubber boots.
  • Shoes or slippers.
  • New(!), warm socks.
  • School briefcases.
  • School supplies.
  • Children´s and/or babies´ blankets.
  • Children´s and/or babies´ pillows or cushions for sleeping. 
  • Nappies for babies.

Adopt a Child



Huascaran National Park

12 May 2023
In the Cordillera Blanca, the highest tropical mountain range in the world, Mount Huascarán rises 6,768 meters above sea level, which gives its name to this park. Its deep ravines furrowed by numerous torrents, its glacial lakes and its varied vegetation form a group of spectacular beauty. This site is home to animal species such as the spectacled bear and the Andean condor.   Awesome. There is no other word. A ...
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Leymebamba Museum in Amazonas

28 April 2023
The Leymebamba Museum was inaugurated in June 2000 as a result of the need to generate the technical and environmental conditions for the investigation, conservation and preservation of funerary bundles and other archaeological materials recovered by the Mallqui Center in the Laguna de los Cóndores within the framework of of the emergency project carried out in 1997. The construction of the museum is the result of the management of ...
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Revash Mausoleums in Amazonas

14 April 2023
What do these collective graves mean? Why did the Chachapoyas build them on the rocky wall of a steep ravine? And their colors? What do the drawings mean? Why do some tombs have a gabled roof, is it to protect them from the rain?   Archaeologists say that these mausoleums are replicas of the houses where the inhabitants of the area lived.   The truth is that the questions remain open and the ...
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The gothic world of Quiocta's caves

31 March 2023
Enter the depth of a cavern that houses cave paintings and skeletal remains. This beautiful secret of the deep jungle extends 545 m into the interior of the earth. It is entered through a cave five meters in diameter. There, figures and shadows, as well as millions of years old stalactites and stalagmites, captivate the gaze of visitors.   In this underground world, curious figures sculpted by the centuries, water and ...
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National Reserve of Salinas and Aguada Blanca | Arequipa

17 March 2023
Arequipa has innumerable tourist places. One of the best is the Salinas and Aguada Blanca National Reserve, which this year celebrates its 39th anniversary as a Protected Natural Area. It is appreciated and cared for by locals and tourists. It presents an extreme biodiversity and provides environmental services to more than a million people in the country. Its beauty also places it as an important destination close to the ...
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