Volunteer with Us

Volunteer with Us

Children are really wonderful! For that reason, you will have a chance to make new and wonderful friends while you will be helping them to better their presence and consequently their better future.


Moreover, if you volunteer in the Cusco Region, you will always have a chance to visit all those amazing natural and cultural places all around.




What Are Our Conditions to Volunteer?



- Time frame: There is no time limit during which you may volunteer. However, a longer time is always better because children get used to somebody quickly and often change of persons disconcert them.


- Working time: It is flexible, according to your availability. It depends on you how you get organize your work load with us. Anyway, we appreciate every second of your time dedicated for help.


- Desired education:  We are happy for anybody willing to help! However, the most needed are always persons with medical and pedagogical education. As a doctor, you can help us to check/treat children's health. As a teacher, you can help with education of those children teaching them, for instance, English, Spanish, Math, Chemistry, Biology, etc. Since some children have problems with their conduct, it is also much appreciated to find a volunteer with psychological education.


- Desired professions:

  • English Teachers,
  • Teachers,
  • Medic/Doctor,
  • Paediatricians,
  • Dentists,
  • Nutritionists
  • Etc.



San Francisco Convent Museum and Catacombs of Lima

31 August 2023
The church of San Francisco Asís in the city of Lima is one of the most important and most visited religious temples in all of Peru. It is made up of the churches of San Francisco, La Soledad and El Milagro, which are made under baroque architecture of great beauty. Likewise, inside there are fine works and works of art of great historical and economic value. However, what is ...
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Lake Zungarococha, a large ecosystem of the low jungle of Iquitos

24 August 2023
With its dark waters and surrounded by a varied ecosystem very characteristic of the low jungle, we find Lake Zungarococha, located on the right bank of the Nanay River, a tributary of the Amazon River, in the Loreto region.   Its name originates from the time when there was an abundance of "zúngaro" fish in the place, to whose name the first settlers joined the word "cocha" or lake, naming it ...
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Pacaya Samiria National Reserve: Why is it one of the most biodiverse areas in the world?

17 August 2023
Did you know that more than 60% of the Peruvian territory is made up of jungle? For this reason, when we think about visiting the Amazon, it can be difficult for us to choose the destination that we would like to visit the most. To help you a little with your decision, today we are going to tell you about one of the most exciting destinations in Iquitos and ...
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The park of legends in Lima

10 August 2023
The Legends Park is the oldest and largest zoo in the city of Lima. The Park is located in the district of San Miguel and in addition to having a zoo, it also has an archeology area, a botany area, and offers courses and workshops.   Like a zoo, the Legends Park is divided into 4 zones: the Coast, the Sierra, the Jungle and the International Zone, where the visitor can ...
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Chan Chan Citadel in Trujillo

28 July 2023
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, better known as UNESCO, finally gave Chan Chan the visibility it deserved: the pre-Columbian adobe city was included in the World Heritage List. Thus, the history of the largest mud citadel in Latin America began to be claimed, although it began a long, long time ago.   Between the years 600 and 700, on the northern coast of Peru, models of cities arose ...
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