How You Can Help

How You Can Help

There is a wide variety of how you can help to less fortunate people. The foundation “Responsible People" offers you a couple of options below.


1) Firstly, you might consider becoming one of our partners by participating in some of our 4 projects focused on improvement of the poorest communities’ development.


2) Secondly, you can book a trip with us. Since we receive donation from such a tour operator for each trip booked via us, you will help us in this way to develop our projects. These projects are meant to support Andean poor families and communities and better the conditions of their lives.


3) Thirdly, you may become a volunteer. There is always a lack of people with medical education, who can help to check/treat children's health, or graduated Teachers, who can teach them (English, Spanish, Math, Chemistry, Biology, etc.). For that reason, the three most desired options of volunteering are Teachers and Medics/Doctors. However, we do not hinder any other specialization. So let us hear from you if you have got another qualification and we can discuss it.


4) Further, you can donate either money or clothes, shoes for adult and children as well as school supplies.


5) Lastly, let us know about any other new idea.



Traveling to Machu Picchu with kids

16 March 2019
Machu Picchu is amazing, magical, mysterious, it is the ideal place to visit with children. It is hidden between the Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu mountains, and is located right in the middle of the Amazon jungle brow and the Andes mountain range. It was buried for 400 years until - the children love this story - Hiram Bingham came to the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu, "guided ...
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Salkantay Trek Devastation and Animal Exploitation

30 January 2019
Many travelers and bloggers describe the beauty of the Salkantay Trek route. However, this blog is to describe the bad influence of irresponsible tourism as well as to give some advices.   The Salkantay Trek used to have one of the loveliest natural routes worldwide. It also has been considered as an alternative trek to the Inca Trail. Its tour operators used to bring personal tents, dining tents and toilet tents ...
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Responsible Tourism Tips for your Inca Trail

24 January 2019
Machu Picchu is a unique place in the world, not only is it a beautiful stone city, it is the perfect synchrony between what man and nature can do. Machu Picchu is the proof that the hand of man can do great things without this signifying a conflict with nature. All of this makes taking care of and preserving it a task not only of the authorities of Peru ...
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Inca Trail permits

18 January 2019
If the 2019 limit was set to travel to the Inca Trail, you must make your plans as soon as possible. Book your Inca Trail permits 2019 online 6 months in advance. There are only 500 spaces available per day, approximately 200 are assigned to tourists and 300 to porters, cooks and guides. If the number of spaces is exhausted, you will have to choose another date. If the permits ...
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Inca Trail Porters

18 January 2019
There are only 500 permits every day to do the traditional Inca Trail, for Porters, Tour Guides and Cooks including. Trekkers usually finish this 43-km long trail in 4 days or 3 days. Most of them consider the Inca Trail as their lifetime experience and personal ambition fulfillment. It is hard to overcome the contentment of completing the hike and visiting the magnificent Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. Anyway, ...
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