Tingo Maria: enjoy a beautiful and green adventure in this paradise of Huanuco

Tingo Maria: enjoy a beautiful and green adventure in this paradise of Huanuco

11 November 2022

One of the gateways to the Peruvian jungle, it is surrounded by incredible landscapes and picturesque places, such as the Sleeping Beauty mountain range.


Tingo Maria National Park

The tourism specialist of the National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State (Sernanp) Erick Oré points out that the Tingo María National Park is one of the oldest protected areas in Peru (1965). Its importance lies in conserving the biodiversity of flora and fauna so that they are known by future generations.


"Our park has two recognitions, the Safe Travels seal and the recognition of the world's top 100 as an eco-sustainable destination," he details.


We enter the national park and the first point is the El Ojé tree, which keeps more than half a century of history.


The La Cueva river becomes the second important point for the route. From the bridge that crosses it you can see the green fields.


A wooden path precedes the entrance to the famous Cueva de las Lechuzas. A fact: the flashlight is an element not allowed.


Accompanied by beetles and bats, we are amazed by the shapes of its rocks that emerge from the ceilings forming strange figures, like a Bible.


At the deepest point, the dance of the bats can be seen: the sounds could be irritating for some visitors, but for us it is the maximum expression of the jungle fauna.


Five minutes from that destination are the Aguas Sulfurosas de Jacintillo, a place where people go in search of perfect skin. A natural pool under its rocks hides an effective mud for 'eternal youth'.


Lagoon of Miracles

We thought it was a peculiar boat ride through the green waters of this lagoon, but we were very surprised when we discovered the right place for adventure lovers on its island.


Boats with unique names took us to this destination, where we found the Jungle of Desire. Some ATVs ignited our desire for adventure. The canopy and giant swing made us feel afraid at more than 5 meters high.


Set with small lagoons and large leafy trees, we find a special place, the Tree of Desire. Just by hugging it and closing our eyes, we make a wish so that the earth listens to us: our request, with great faith, we hope it will be fulfilled.



Just two hours from Tingo María, we cross the border with the Ucayali region, to get to know the Boquerón del Padre Abad. With several bridges linking the different attractions, we visit the Velo de Novia waterfall.


It is a magical view that brings us closer to the Veil of the Bride, a name given by its special fall, and where the rock formations show an outstanding nose and lips.


The route takes us to a cave, simple at first sight. Inside it, drops of water fall continuously, wetting everyone who crosses it, but it is necessary to meet the cock of the rock, an emblematic bird of Peru. Without a doubt, it was an unforgettable visit.



10,645 tourists received Tingo María during the long holiday decreed from October 8 to 11, 2021.


What to see here?

Waterfalls, an island in the middle of the lagoon and routes where green is the essence constitute the tourist offer offered by the Huanuco jungle. This destination has a slogan that works wonders: 'Tingo María: natural adventure'.


Green forests accompany our journey and are a perfect landscape. Here we are proud of what our land has to offer the world.


Santa Carmen Waterfall and Sleeping Beauty

Our route through the jungle begins at the amazing Santa Carmen waterfall. With temperatures over 32 degrees and repellent at hand, we are going to see the blue waters that fall from the hills. Only half an hour's walk takes us from the city of Tingo María to this natural beauty.


We walk over a bridge that crosses a stream. The first encounter is with La Piscina, as they call the second floor of the waterfall. And just two minutes away, we appreciate the Santa Carmen waterfall.


Sleeping Beauty is also known as the Hill of Love and in front of it couples reaffirm their oath of eternal love. Several legends surround Sleeping Beauty, and they all end in the same ending: the love of young Cuynac and Princess Nunas will last forever.



Cruz de San Cristobal viewpoint

The San Cristóbal viewpoint is one of the highest points in the city of Tingo María, from where you can see the mythical La Bella Durmiente hill.


To get there you have to climb about 100 steps. From that place you can see the lyrics of Tingo María in the middle of the field, a cover landscape.


Zoocriadero of the National Agrarian University of the Jungle

The UNAS zoocriadero receives and cares for endangered species that have been seized by the authorities. After a while, they are transferred to their natural environment. In its facilities there are birds, mammals and reptiles.


Located at Av. Universitaria km 1.5 Carretera Belaúnde Terry – Huánuco.


The Sewers Spa

It is on the right bank of the central road. It is very visited, both on weekdays and on Saturdays and Sundays.


Located 5 km from the city of Tingo María, (10 min by car). Visits: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Sulphurous waters of Jacintillo

It is a lagoon of turquoise waters with a high concentration of sulfur. It is attributed medicinal properties to treat skin diseases.


Located 5 km from Tingo María (7 min by car). Visits: Monday - Sunday 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.


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