Revash Mausoleums in Amazonas

Revash Mausoleums in Amazonas

14 April 2023

What do these collective graves mean? Why did the Chachapoyas build them on the rocky wall of a steep ravine? And their colors? What do the drawings mean? Why do some tombs have a gabled roof, is it to protect them from the rain?


Archaeologists say that these mausoleums are replicas of the houses where the inhabitants of the area lived.


The truth is that the questions remain open and the only certainty is that getting to this inaccessible place at 2800 meters above sea worth it!


The Revash Mausoleums is a necropolis that belongs to the Chachapoyas Culture in the department of Amazonas. It is located 20 minutes from the town of Hierba Buena in the district of Santo Tomás in the province of Luyam, 60 kilometers south of the province of Chachapoyas.


A place that, due to its steep location on top of a mountain as flat as a wall and at a fearsome height of 2,800 meters above sea level, makes it a challenge for tourists who come to this place to see this thousand-year-old pantheon with picturesque colored tombs. cream and red.


The walk to this place requires an hour and a half to climb, the route is very difficult, so the locals recommend doing it on horseback, being one hour the time it takes to get to the place by this means of transportation.


Throughout the mountain you can see these mausoleums, so it is advisable to bring binoculars. Today they remain almost intact thanks to the cave that protects them and the difficulty of access, although the mummies found there were looted.


The entrance to the interior of the tombs is prohibited as indicated by the guides, however photographs can be taken from approximately 50 meters away.


It is possible that the Chachapoyas wanted to rest on top of the mountain that was their Apus and be able to see the entire valley and their descendants from there. They were the most prestigious deceased who were buried in these collective residences.


These mausoleums would be replicas of the houses of the people of that area, according to the Peruvian archaeologist and historian Federico Kauffman Doig. Its roofs are gabled even though they didn't need it since if there was rain, the hill protected them. Some roofs are on two levels, with windows in the shape of a "T" or a cross or square, and their walls have drawings such as circles, flames or other magical symbols in red.


Likewise, they did not have a frontal access, their entrance was from the sides, their rear wall was the same rock.


The Revash mausoleums were seen by travelers from France in the last century and studied in 1987 by expeditions that took place in Antisuyo.


Architecture of the Revash Mausoleums

According to Federico Kauffmann Doig, a famous Peruvian anthropologist, archaeologist and historian, the Revash Mausoleums are a replica of the houses used by the ancient Chachapoyas. This is a theory that is reinforced when we stop to look at its architecture and see a miniature town.


Among the architectural characteristics of this necropolis, it can be highlighted that they are constructions with gabled roofs and rectangular T- and cross-shaped windows. These buildings do not have a frontal access, since their entrance was made from the sides.


Another fact to highlight is that the Revash Mausoleums present striking cave paintings on their walls. These paintings are in the shape of flames, circles and ceremonial symbols, very difficult to identify, mainly highlighting the use of the color red.


Although there are several theories about the reason for its construction on a cliff, the most prominent mentions that the dead were buried in this place as an offering to the APUS. These are the mountains, the same ones that were considered as divinities that they had to venerate and respect.


How to get to the Revash Mausoleums?

There are two routes used to get to this place:


Hike from Hierba Buena

This is a trip that begins in Hierba Buena, 2 hours from Chachapoyas, the capital of Amazonas. From this point, an ascending and steep path begins towards the mausoleums. Although this route is not easy at all, along the way you will have the opportunity to discover impressive natural landscapes. This path takes about an hour and a half to walk.


Hike from San Bartolo

The other alternative, and the most recommended, is to continue traveling by truck to the town of San Bartolo, 30 minutes from Hierba Buena. From this picturesque village, you set out on a 5km hike through the mountains to reach Revash.


A fact to highlight about the inhabitants of the town of San Bartolo is how aware they are about the fragility and what the Revash Mausoleums represent. It is for this reason that they are in constant communication with travelers to let them know what they cannot do during their visit. In addition, they keep the path and the archaeological remains in a great state of conservation.


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