The gothic world of Quiocta's caves

The gothic world of Quiocta's caves

31 March 2023

Enter the depth of a cavern that houses cave paintings and skeletal remains. This beautiful secret of the deep jungle extends 545 m into the interior of the earth. It is entered through a cave five meters in diameter. There, figures and shadows, as well as millions of years old stalactites and stalagmites, captivate the gaze of visitors.


In this underground world, curious figures sculpted by the centuries, water and wind can be seen: the sand eel, the fountain of desires, the cacique looking at the princesses, among others. With a little imagination you can also find other images. In this work of nature there are cave paintings typical of the Chachapoyas culture. There are also pre-Inca burials. Entering this cavern is a journey through history and geology.


The Quiocta caverns were discovered at the beginning of the century by peasants who collected orchids. This cave, which is located below a mountain that is part of the Andes Mountains, is characterized by excessive soil moisture. And, of course, it is a beauty wherever you look at it.


Quiocta Cave in Chachapoyas

At a height of 2,793 meters above sea level, Quiocta has a horizontal cavity with a drop of more than 23 meters. It is inhabited by bats and with evidence of archaeological material, such as human and animal skeletal remains.


Likewise, you will find cave paintings, which you can appreciate from the three-meter entrance. Undoubtedly, a surprising and overwhelming look.


More cave features

Now if you go a little further inland, you will see a gallery on the right where you can see a fully active watercourse. According to the guides, it originates from the end of the cave and follows its zigzagging path.


The walk must be done slowly and with great care, since the terrain is extremely humid and slippery. At 300 meters from the mouth, there are mineral formations that come to be an accumulation of calcium carbonate.


Difference of stalactites and stalagmites

If you are a fan of cave movies on Netflix, you will understand that within the landscape there are some menacing-looking rock points. And of those I will tell you about the substantial differences.


These are the iconic stalactites that detach from the ceilings of the caves in the shape of an inverted cone. On the other hand, you will also be surprised by the stalagmites, which emerge from the ground upwards.


Both have been formed over thousands of years by the precipitation of minerals from groundwater. Which calls the visitor's attention for being a very interesting place, seen from the geological and archaeological point.


Incredible calcareous rock formations

There are seven rooms in total with whimsical shapes such as the sand eel, the angel looking at the birth, the mummy, the cacique looking at the princesses, the cemetery, the lavatory and the Inca.


Recommendations for the visit

To enter the cave it is recommended to use rubber boots, a helmet and a flashlight, and most importantly hire a guide in the city of Lamud.


How to get?

  • The route: The Quiocta caves are 10 km northwest of Lámud (an hour and a half from Chachapoyas). At this point, a 30-minute journey begins along an unpaved road. The journey continues on foot for 10 minutes.
  • The essentials: Rubber boots and flashlight. You can also rent them at the premises of the Pucatambo de Lámud Tourism Association.
  • The tour: Let yourself be led by the guides of the Pucatambo de Lámud Tourism Association.

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