10 must-see tourist places in Puno and Titicaca

10 must-see tourist places in Puno and Titicaca

10 February 2023

In Puno you can be part of a magical atmosphere where legend, traditions and multicolored parties are breathed every day. Its amazing floating islands like the Uros, made from reed mats, are only surpassed by the mystical Lake Titicaca. A town proud of its past of folkloric tradition that overflows every year in dances and rites reaches its maximum expression in the great festival in honor of the Virgen de la Candelaria. There is no reason for you not to enjoy its wealth, start your adventure now!


Many people overlook that Peru is much more than Cusco and Machu Picchu. The reality is that there is something for everyone, and the presence of Lake Titicaca does not go unnoticed, especially for the inhabitants of Puno. If you visit the incredible city, these are the 10 tourist places in Puno and Titicaca that you must enjoy no matter what.


Uros floating islands

The uros culture is unique and fascinating. Their life and traditions are so closely linked on Titicaca that they even live on the waters of the lake on floating islands. The ingenious “Islas de Uros” are made up of reeds, a reed with remarkable buoyancy that allows them to house entire families on its surface.


In the lake there are approximately 100 floating islands, and the mobilization is carried out in rafts also based on reeds. Its inhabitants are hospitable and engaged in tourism, and you can get a passport stamp on one of the larger islands.


Amantani and Taquile Islands

Do not think that the floating islands are the only interesting ones on Titicaca, as you will also find Amantaní and Taquile, the most important ones near Puno. In Taquile you can climb 560 steps to reach the town, where you will get unique views of the lake.


Amantaní is a good option for lunch during your day, since all the food in the place is harvested on the same island, which gives it a special value. In the same way, it is ideal to enjoy a trout, since it is one of the most important foods of Titicaca.


On both islands you can spend the night to get a more authentic experience, but keep in mind that if you don't go with a tour, mobilization can become somewhat complex.


Craft fair of the port of Puno

In the port of Puno is one of the most popular craft fairs in the area. This is one of the key tourist places in Puno if you like crafts and garments made of wool.


It is quite normal that, since there are so many stalls, there is competition for customers, making prices more affordable for tourists who want a souvenir or gift. It is a good place to enjoy handicrafts and painting, although it also has places to have lunch, so you can spend a good couple of hours calmly.


Juliaca and Tikonata Island

In Puno it is a good idea to get around with taxis, and you can take one to the city of Juliaca. The locality is quite important, because it has the airport of the province.


Here you can visit the Iglesia Matriz de Santa Catalina, which began construction in 1649 and took 125 years to complete. Its bell tower is characteristic of the city. You can also get to know Tikonata Island, which offers a more mystical tourism where you can live like the locals, similar to the islands of Amantaní and Taquile.


Kuntur Wasi and Puma Uta viewpoint

Do you want to have an idea of what Puno looks like from the heights? Then it is a good plan to visit the viewpoints of Kuntur Wasi and Puma Uta, both must-see tourist places in Puno. Kuntur Wasi has a condor on its top, the vigilant patron of the city. From here you can feel like one of them in flight, and get incredible views of Puno and Titicaca.


Puma Uta has a similar idea, but this time with a giant sculpture of a puma (and other animals) in an ideal viewpoint to have fun and admire the magic of these lands. Also, a little physical activity never hurts.


Local gastronomy restaurants

It could be safely said that those who visit Peru agree that the country does not eat badly. Puno and the surroundings of Titicaca are no exception. What stands out the most is the quinoa in various preparations, as well as the trout that comes in abundance from Titicaca.


Many tourists will recommend restaurants such as "Casa del Corregidor", "La Table del' Inca", "La Casona Restaurant", "Balcones de Puno" and "Restaurant Los Uros" and, if you visit them, you will know that they are not wrong . In any case, it's a good idea to go out and discover what new gastronomic surprises the town has, so it won't be bad to visit other places.


Church of Saint John the Baptist

The home of the Virgen de la Candelaria should not be left off your list. Both the virgin and the temple have existed since 1580. However, a fire destroyed a large part of the structure, and it was rebuilt in 1887 in its current form.


The construction is made of adobe and represents part of the identity of Puno, being the Virgin the patron saint of Puno and receiving visits from thousands of faithful every February.


Santiago de Pupuja

He is the master and lord on all the roofs in Pucará and a symbol of all of Puno. The "torito" is a ceramic piece that was born in Santiago de Pupuja, and is sold throughout the region. In local mythology, it helps with livestock, fertility, and happiness as a couple.


The little bull has different colors, each one representing a spiritual value, in the same way that each of the parts of the bull and what is inside it do. It is common to find some resting on the roofs of the houses, granting their protection and good omen.


Copacabana and the Island of the Sun

Yes, you are in Puno, Peru. However, in a short trip you can be in Copacabana, on the Bolivian side of Titicaca. You can dedicate two days to this activity, so you can get to know both the city and the Isla del Sol.


The latter has great historical and cultural value, being the largest in Titicaca. Here you can take a three-hour tour of different archaeological sites and get to know the Yumani and Challapampa communities.



To the south of Lake Titicaca you will find one of the most important archaeological sites in all of South America: Tiwanaku. Famous is the "Puerta del Sol", one of the most important monuments in the area that, surrounded by mysteries, would hide the key to save humanity from extinction.


The wonders of Tiwanaku do not end there, because it has extensive archaeological parks, such as the Kalasasaya and Pumapunku complex, as well as museums and other sites of interest, as you can see in Tiwanaku Ruins: everything you need to know. Dedicating a day to the ruins and learning about the Tiahuanaco culture is a total must-see.


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