Machu Picchu charity trek

Machu Picchu charity trek

28 December 2018

When you book a Machu Picchu charity trek with us, 5% of the cost of your trip will be donated directly to support local communities through the "Responsible People Foundation".

In the light of the communities where we were born and that saw us grow, laugh and learn the wisdom of the Andes, especially the meaning of Ayni or "sacred reciprocity", we appreciate our origins here and through our work we seek to support communities that they have supported us.

Responsible People Foundation is dedicated to promoting and organizing community projects in the Cusco region. Although tourism plays an important role in Peru's economy and provides employment for many people, small communities are often denied direct financial support from commercial tourism on a large scale.

Our first objectives within the Responsible People family is through the organization of community projects, which includes the distribution of educational materials for children, since small communities can always use any additional support for the education of children and young people.

  • Support to Schools:

Each month of March the company selects a specific community and then supports between 30 - 40 children. School supplies are purchased according to what the school requires.

Thanks to your reservations, the company Responsible People is helping our children at the beginning of each school year with the purchase of school supplies.

  • Christmas in the Andes:

All the children anxiously await the arrival of Christmas in the Andes!

Every Christmas the Responsible People family travels to a higher community to share a moment of joy with the local children. Through a simple Christmas breakfast and gifts, along with a bit of dancing and lots of fun, we get many smiles from children and the elderly alike.


Machu Picchu Charity Trek



Sustainable Company and Ecological Travel

Responsible People Foundation is an ecological organization with sustainable values.

We believe that respect and love for our beautiful planet is very important and absolutely necessary to enjoy and celebrate life. Honoring and taking care of her is our duty. This implies the maintenance of this beautiful land so that our customers who visit from afar can enjoy a pristine environment.


Environmental Responsibility

All the garbage generated during any Machu Picchu charity trek, is taken at the end to the appropriate facilities.


Low environmental impact practices

In all our walks we use only biodegradable materials (soaps, detergents, biodegradable bags, among others).


Constant training for our staff

We educate all our staff to be respectful of nature. Always carry all the trash with you after each camp, and reuse the recyclable products when possible, and provide them with new ecological products such as solar lamps, etc.


Annual trails cleaning campaigns

We organize annual campaigns with all the staff of Responsible People Foundation (Guides, cooks, porters, office staff, and anyone who wants to participate in these activities). All forms of waste are collected and disposed of on the trails to Machu Picchu, Inka Trail, Salkantay and Lares


Dealing treatment for our carriers

Our carriers are kind, sincere and cheerful people with huge hearts that will receive you in each camp with big smiles, as if you were received by family members. These are men who come from high communities of Cusco, typically above 4,000 masl (over 13,000 feet), where Quechua is the dominant language.

These men are responsible for making this experience possible. They carry all the equipment, supplies and are also available to help them when necessary. These supermen or heroes must leave each camp after our hikers leave and also arrive at the next site before our hikers to prepare the next meal and prepare the stores in each site. Our chefs and porters are the main force that sustains all our expeditions.

Responsible People Foundation works every day to offer the best facilities and optimal working conditions such as:


Uniforms for Treks

Zapillas, sleeping bags, pillows, girdles.


Appropriate load weight

The Peruvian government has created laws that protect and support all porters to implement the best working conditions. Unfortunately there are still companies that take advantage of humble workers, forcing many to carry more than 25 kg without paying an adequate salary. Our porters will not weigh more than 18 kg.

We recognize that we are part of the communities, we honor our origins and we work hard to support our chefs and porters so that they can support their respective families. Responsible People Foundation assumes the responsibility of improving the quality of life of our family of porters.


Enough food

It is important that our staff receive nutritious and appropriate meals during all walks to account for rigorous physical activity.


Payment on time

As soon as each walk concludes, our staff is paid on site by a representative of our office so that our porters can return to their communities instead of traveling to our office in Cusco.

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