Lambayeque - Peru, cradle of civilization in South America

Lambayeque - Peru, cradle of civilization in South America

12 August 2022

The city of Lambayeque is located within the province and region of the same name. This city was created as such in the 16th century and is known by the name of "Generous and Meritorious City", a title that was granted in 1822, after the participation that said city had in the process of independence.


Among the tourist attractions that are within the city of Lambayeque, there are places such as: the Plaza de Armas de Lambayeque, whose antiquity dates back to colonial times. Close to the Plaza are places such as the Church of San Pedro de Lambayeque; said catholic temple is a construction of the XVII century, that today is part of the Historical Monuments of the Nation; the church stands out, inside, for having a single metal altarpiece, also considered within the national heritage.


Another church that is quite close to the city square is the Ramada Santa Catalina Chapel, which also shares the same age as the aforementioned church; The entrance to this chapel is semi-restricted, and to be able to access, it is necessary to have a permit that is requested in the Parish Office. Another church that is located in the vicinity of the square is the Chapel of San Francisco de Asís, also a Historical Monument with restricted access.


In the city, there are different interesting places, such as the Casa Real Aduana, which already has records of existence, since the 18th century, and which is also part of the Historical Monuments of the Nation. In Lambayeque, there are also tourist sites for those interested in museums, one of these sites is the Bruning National Archaeological Museum, which emerged after the prolonged investigation carried out by Enrique Bruning in the area; The museum includes in its collection, different archaeological remains that together give more than 1,400 pieces.


Another attraction in the city is the House of the Masonic Lodge, also known as Casa Montjoy and which is part of the Monuments of the Nation. The House of the Masonic Lodge is important, for having been the place where the Masonic community met to give the cry of independence of Peru. One more mansion in the city is the Casa Descalzi, today a tourist restaurant that used to function as the headquarters of the Italian consulate.


If you are interested in visiting spas near the city of Lambayeque, the closest ones are 8 km from the city; The first of these is Playa Naylamp, which presents an ideal territory for swimming, pleasant walks, and setting up camps.


The city of Lambayeque can be reached from the city of Lima, taking a bus to Chiclayo; the road to Chiclayo usually takes approximately ten hours, and covers a path of 770 km. From Chiclayo, continue on another bus, which takes approximately between 15 and twenty minutes to reach the city of Lambayeque. There are also flights that arrive to Chiclayo, and that take an hour to arrive in the city.


Lambayeque Tourism



Lambayeque, has enormous tourist potential both for its beauty architectural, such as having been the seat of great pre-Inca cultures that have elegacy remains of the past, which can be seen in the same centers where these cultures developed or in existing museums.


Among the main tourist attractions of the department stand out:

  2. Archaeological Centers.



Archaeological complex of the Mochica culture dating from approximately 200 years AD. It was discovered in 1987, finding a wooden sarcophagus containing the remains of a dignitary of the Mochica hierarchy who has been called "The Lord of Sipán". It is located only 35 km from the city of Chiclayo.


Royal Tombs of Sipán Museum

Located in the heart of the province of Lambayeque, occupying an area of ​​seven hectares. It has the shape of a truncated pyramid 14 meters high.

You can appreciate the knowledge and art of the Mochica culture, in the fields of agriculture, technology, goldsmithing and housing. The reconstruction of the royal tomb and its ornaments can also be seen.


Brunning Museum.

Modern building in which the imposing figure of the god Naylamp stands out, founder of the Lambayecan dynasty of kings. It houses a valuable collection of more than 11,000 archaeological pieces in gold and silver, ceramics and fabrics from the Chavín, Vicús, Huari, Mochica and Chimú cultures. The most relevant pieces are 10,000 years old. It is located in the city of Lambayeque, 11.4 km from Chiclayo.


Sican National Archaeological Museum.

Sanctuary located in Ferreñafe, 18 kilometers from the city of Chiclayo. The enclosure displays 1,500 pieces of gold and 200 pieces of gold, the product of 22 years of research led by Dr. Isumi Shimada, director of the Sicán archaeological project. It has 10 exhibition halls in which various aspects of the Lambayeque culture are shown.



Archaeological complex made up of 26 pyramids distributed over 200 hectares, which is why it is known as the valley of the pyramids. This culture dates back to approximately 700 AD. and is 35 km from the city of Chiclayo.


Túcume Site Museum.

Built with traditional architectural patterns, it presents a didactic explanation of the history linked to the god Naylamp and his descendants. The mural art embodied in extraordinary relief samples that represent birds and human bodies of strange shapes stands out. The temple of the sacred stone and its findings


They meant an important contribution to understand the religion of the time. Themes from Tucumán traditions are exhibited, which aim to show cultural continuity since pre-Hispanic times.



Among the major tourist attractions in the region are the beaches, mainly those located in the circuit formed by San José (famous for the legend of Naylamp), Pimentel and Santa Rosa; where you can enjoy exquisite marine stews, highlighting its famous cebiches.


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