Ica - Peru, a desert, all the experiences

Ica - Peru, a desert, all the experiences

03 March 2023

Due to its proximity to Lima, the capital of Peru, Ica is one of the ideal getaway destinations: this southern region is located (approximately) 4 hours from the city of Lima and has countless activities, as different as they are fun, for travelers who venture to explore its territory.


Because in Ica, the dunes of its enormous deserts protect the cultural and historical legacy of ancient civilizations, as well as being the location of an oasis that seems to be taken from a movie or a fairy tale. In Ica, beautiful beaches with refreshing waters abound. That same sea that is used to practice your dips with your family and friends, is also the habitat of beautiful species of wildlife, which are eager for you to visit them.


It is not an exaggeration: in Ica there is a different activity for each type of tourist. It is a place where time flies by, because there is always something to do. Don't you believe us? Do not worry, here we will mention plenty of experiences so that you can choose the ones that best suit your travel itinerary.


In the sea life is tastier

In Ica, you can find two activities linked to the Pacific Ocean. The most striking is, perhaps, the visit to the Paracas National Reserve, where you have the chance to take a boat trip through the Ballestas Islands, a magical place where you can live the experience of cohabiting with friendly species up close. marine.


During this journey, which is one hour from the Ica coast, you will be able to see large families of sea lions, who will celebrate your arrival with their natural songs. So much is their hubbub that the smallest specimens approach the boats to physically interact with the crew. In turn, you can run into pelicans that fly over the rough waters, as well as Humboldt penguins, which are beings as tender as they are friendly.


In addition, Ica has a group of islands of fine sand, calm and crystalline waters. Among the most visited are La Mina, Roja, Mendieta, El Raspón and Trompa de Elefante beaches. These are not only used to play with the waves of the sea, but also to carry out activities such as artisanal fishing or water sports.


It is not only enjoyed in the sea

There is also fun in the sand and skies of Ica. One of the most visited tourist spots is the Huacachina Lagoon, which is surrounded by shops, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and hotels for all tastes. This lagoon is located in the middle of the desert, which makes it an impressive location to look at.


Regarding the air, you can take a plane to see in a unique way the Lines and Geoglyphs of Nasca and Palpa. In this aerial adventure, you will be able to see the magnitude and legacy of the ancient civilizations that ruled this area of ancient Peru.


Ica tourist attractions

We mention the most visited tourist places in Ica, incredible tourist sites for cultural, adventure tourism and much more. Ica is the perfect destination to see dunes, vineyards, its oases, pre-Inca remains that will leave you fascinated.


Nazca lines

The Nazca lines are geoglyphs that extend into the Nazca desert, there are approximately 300 figures between animals and plants, they can be clearly seen from the sky through an overflight tour of the Nazca lines.


Huacachina Lagoon

The Huacachina lagoon is an oasis in the middle of the desert, a beautiful place where you can enjoy its beautiful waters, the sunset or take a buggy ride to explore the dunes.


Ica Cathedral

It is the main cathedral of the city, its construction took place in the 18th century, composed of three naves and four chapels, almost the entire structure is with the traditional thatch, with a frame of clay and cane.


Paracas National Reserve

It is a protected area of Peru, home to a large number of marine animals such as Humboldt penguins, pariguanas, flamingos, pelicans, sea lions among others, which can be seen through tours of the Paracas reserve.



Tacama is the first winery in Peru as well as the oldest wine estate in all of South America. The Tacama vineyard is located at km 296 of the South Pan-American Highway, crossing the Ica River, on Av Camino Real, Tinguiña district.


In Tacama you can explore the heart of the property, enjoy a panoramic view of the vineyard, be a part of the production of wine and pisco.


Canyon of the Lost

Located in the desert 2 hours from the center of Ica, surrounded by clay walls, hills, fossils and it is a natural formation that you should not miss. Tourist attraction of Ica that you cannot miss.


Regional Museum Maria Reiche

The researcher of the Nazca lines, María Reiche, lived in this current museum. In the beginning, when she was investigated, she asked the owner of the house to live there since they were very close to the lines, and it was also the only house in the middle of the desert at that time.


The museum exhibits Maria's utensils and tools, as well as studies and explanations about the Nazca lines.


Cantalloc Aqueduct

It is a work of hydraulic engineering built by the ancient Nasca, it has 46 aqueducts of which 32 are still working today, for its construction huarango trunks and flagstones were used, the Nazca settlers managed to capture groundwater which was used to irrigate dry areas.


Pisco Route

It is a tour of the best vineyards to learn about the production and process, you can do it through a tour and enjoy a fantastic visit to the vineyards.


Tambo Colorado

It is located in the province of Pisco, it was an Inca settlement, the name tambo colorado comes from the color red that predominates in the buildings.


Stone Museum

When the Ica river flooded in 1961, it exposed engraved stones in the Ocucaje desert, which the inhabitants began to sell to tourists. The engraved stones contained human activities carrying out ceremonies, hunting scenes, and more.


Palm Tree of the 7 Heads

Located in the town of Cachiche (known as the town of witches) it is a strange palm tree whose trunks grew like a snake, they all have the same root.


The name indicates 7 heads, however, only 6 can be seen, since the legend of the inhabitants tells that if they stop believing in head number 7, it could cause a disaster or flood that affects the city of Ica.


Regional Museum of Ica "Adolfo Bermúdez Jenkins"

It is an archeology museum located in the city of Ica, mainly dedicated to the Paracas culture with 2 exhibition rooms that are bioanthropology and anthropology.


San Jose Farm

Currently the farm has become a place to visit and relax, it has catacombs, museums to learn about its history and in 1970 it was declared a World Heritage Site.


Chauchilla Cemetery

It is a cemetery of more than 1000 years old, where you can find exposed bone remains, which would have belonged to the Poroma and Ica culture, although there are some who identify it with Nasca bone remains, in the cemetery you can see mummies in a Good condition.


Cahuachi Ceremonial Center

It is the largest clay ceremonial center in the world, which is a set of truncated adobe pyramids, it was built by the Nazca, it measures from 15 to 40 meters high.


Ballestas Islands

It is a group of islands near the city of Pisco, composed of rock formations where marine fauna such as guano birds, sea lions, among others, can be observed.


Chincha City

Located just 3 hours from Lima, it is famous for its original inhabitants who are recognized for their skills as farmers and fishermen, in addition to an incredible national history, in its surroundings you can find incredible fields with fruit trees, vineyards and eucalyptus that scent the air.


City of Ica

It is known as the city of the eternal sun, here you can visit the Plaza de Armas, the cathedral, mansions such as the Marques de Torre Hermosa, museums such as the Museum of Engraved Stones, etc.


Nazca city

You can visit the main square that has water features and lighting perfect to see them at night, you can visit craft centers, restaurants among others.


Antonini Museum

It houses the latest discoveries made in the old ceremonial center of Cahuachi, you can see the exhibition of a collection of archaeological pieces from the different stages of the Nazca culture, textiles, funerary bundles, trophy heads, musical instruments such as antaras, models of the Nazca lines, etc.


The findings are the result of excavations in the world's largest clay ceremonial center "Cahuachi".


San Fernando National Reserve

It is considered the second most important in Peru to protect marine spaces after Paracas, it is home to sea lions, penguins, tendrils, pelicans, among others.


White Hill

Cerro Blanco is the highest dune in the world, located at 2070 meters above sea level, from Cerro Blanco you can see the Nazca Valley at the same time you can slide at high speed over the sands.


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