Huancaya: discover the Peruvian paradise

Huancaya: discover the Peruvian paradise

20 January 2023

Huancaya is one of the most beautiful and magical destinations in the department of Lima. In this surprising place you will have the chance to discover its natural beauty, history and culture.


Huancaya is a beautiful destination, located in Yautos, department of Lima. Together with the towns of Vilca and Laraos they make up the tourist circuit of the Nor Yauyos-Cochas Landscape Reserve. Huancaya and its surroundings are a perfect getaway for a long weekend, perfect for discovering its natural beauty, its history and culture.


Huancaya has a wide range of activities to do, practically all of them in contact with nature. The options are many: setting up camp in the open air, horseback riding, hiking, walking through the town, going up to the viewpoints and much more. But, without a doubt, the great protagonist of the place is the Cañete River, from which beautiful waterfalls and lagoons emerge. Thanks to this, the options are expanded: boating, canoeing and fishing finish completing the wide tourist offer of Huancaya.


Both Huancaya and Vilca have a privileged geographical location on a ravine, on the banks of the Yauyos River, which gives them beautiful natural views.


Touring the town of Huancaya

Now that you know how to get to Huancaya, we present you 5 plans that you can carry out in this paradisiacal place. Travel through Peru!


  1. Tour the town center of Huancaya

Huancaya is one of the destinations with the most beautiful landscapes in Peru. This is due to its proximity to the Cañete River, where you can see an endless number of waterfalls and lagoons that are characterized by the turquoise color of their waters. Likewise, another of its attractions is its populated center, a place full of stories and traditions. Among its greatest cultural and architectural attractions are the main church, the municipal palace, the Atao waterfalls and the site museum. In the latter, you will learn the history of the ancient inhabitants of Huancayawain. Inside you will see everything from ceramic pieces to preserved human remains, which allow us to reconstruct the pre-Hispanic past.


Likewise, touring the town center of Huancaya is an activity in which you can learn about the history of this area through the testimonies of its inhabitants and its architecture. In the same way, the warmth of its people is another reason to visit this town, since together with them, you will enjoy a pleasant and unforgettable stay.


Finally, within the district you will find several places to stay and enjoy the most exquisite dishes of the region's gastronomy. Among the most popular are the field with cheese, boiled potatoes, mondongo, fried trout, and other delicacies.


  1. Take a boat ride through the Huallhua lagoon

Another of the activities that you cannot stop doing during your visit to Huancaya is to take a relaxing boat ride.


This majestic lagoon with turquoise waters is part of the Nor Yauyos Cochas Landscape Reserve. For this reason, during the tour you will be able to contemplate the beautiful landscapes that characterize this area. In the same way, you will know some amazing waterfalls that are near the lagoon, which are a complete natural spectacle.


For its part, the Huallhua Lagoon has a large number of animal species such as trout, grebes, herons, yanavicos, huallata and wild ducks. In addition, its surroundings have exuberant vegetation that covers the path of the lake, giving the illusion that the water springs from the sky.


Also, in this immense lake you can practice other water activities such as canoeing in artisanal canoes in the company of the inhabitants.


  1. Walk through the Nor Yauyos Cochas Reserve

If you are a nature lover, you should not miss a tour of the trails of the Nor Yauyos Cochas Reserve. One of the most recommended routes is the Cotosqui War trail, which will take you through the lower area of the Carhuayno waterfalls. In this part, you will have the privilege of witnessing the waterfalls and the colors of the lagoons that shine with the glare of the sun.


Likewise, the fresh air and the colorful landscape make this trip an incomparable experience that you will want to repeat.


For this activity we recommend you follow the park ranger's instructions to avoid any inconvenience. Remember that the weather is somewhat cold and it is necessary to wear the appropriate clothing and shoes to fully enjoy this activity. Do not forget to take advantage of this tour to take several photographs and portray the best of these attractions.


  1. Visit the viewpoints of Vilca

One of the must-see plans during your stay in Huancaya is to get to know some of the attractions of Vilca. One of the most famous is the San Cristóbal viewpoint, which is more than 4,000 meters above sea level. To get to this attraction, you must go up some stairs and then along a cobbled path until you reach its top. The path is somewhat demanding and requires a good physical condition. But, we assure you that the view from this point is so beautiful that it is worth the sacrifice.


Another of the viewpoints that you should not miss is Canta Gallo. From this point you will have a privileged view of the 'Forest of Love'. Here, you will see the Papacocha Lagoon from where its waterfalls flow until continuing with the journey of the Huarqo River. In addition, you will see the abundant vegetation that embellishes this forest.


Finally, if you wish, you can go down to the forest of love to explore its trails, which are ideal for oxygenating the body.


  1. Camp in Huancaya

One of the most recurring plans for tourists who come to Huancaya is to camp next to the Cañete River. It is a wonderful experience in which you will be able to enjoy the sounds of nature, while you recharge your batteries to continue the journey. In addition, at night you can make a small bonfire to warm yourself up or prepare a hot drink to recover heat.


The best thing about camping in this area is waking up in the middle of beautiful waterfalls and turquoise lagoons. A view with which you will want to wake up more than once, do you dare to try it?


The Data

  • In the Papacocha and Huallhua lagoons you can do sport fishing, since in these places there is a great variety of trout.
  • In Huancaya you can buy some souvenirs and different clothes made with alpaca wool.
  • Another of the activities that you can do in the Huancaya district is to visit its beautiful viewpoints. In them you will have a privileged view of the lagoons and waterfalls that are part of the landscape.
  • Some places where you can spend the night are: Hospedaje Las Lagunas, Las Brisas de Mayo and Hospedaje Rojas.
  • The camping area has an approximate cost of 5 soles.

How to get to Huancaya from Lima?

If you travel from the Peruvian capital by bus you must follow the following itinerary. First, take a bus to Cañete on a trip that takes about 3 hours and covers some of the most beautiful landscapes in Peru. From Cañete you can take a combi that goes to Imperial and from there take another bus in the direction of Yauyos. Finally, from there take a transport to Huancaya. Yes, it is quite a journey, however, the landscapes will keep you entertained.


On the other hand, if you have your own car, you have two options:

  • Take the Central Highway, starting from the center of Lima to the town of Chicla. After crossing the town, turn right and take route LM-120 to your Huancaya. The total route is about 230 km and can be done in just under 6 hours.
  • Take the Panamericana Sur, also starting from the center of Lima to the city of Cañete. From there you will have to connect with the Cañete-Yauyos highway, which will take you to Huancaya along a road full of beautiful landscapes. In total there are 339 and it takes about 6 hours and a quarter.

What is the weather like in Huancaya? Best time to travel

The Huancaya town is characterized by having an Andean climate throughout the year, with two well-defined seasons. From May to December it is the dry season, when the temperatures are more pleasant and the sun shines more intensely. Although Huancaya is a popular destination during Holy Week, the best time to visit this destination is from June to September. At this time the temperatures are ideal for outdoor activities. At night the temperature drops a few degrees, so don't forget to bring a coat.


The rainiest season goes from January to April, concentrating the greatest amount of rainfall in the afternoon hours. During these months the evenings and nights are even colder. The average temperature in Huancaya is around 13ºC, although it can vary between 8º and 22ºC.


Tips to keep in mind before traveling to Huancaya

  • Good planning is the key to a successful trip, where enjoying is the only thing allowed. For this reason, we bring you a series of recommendations that you should not ignore when planning your trip:
  • Remember, in Huancaya it is cold. Do not forget to bring long pants, enough coat, gloves, scarves and hats if you are one of the coldest or traveling with children. If you decide to travel in summer, keep in mind that there is usually heavy rain, so be prepared for that. It will also be important to wear comfortable and closed shoes, since you will be walking a lot.
  • Camera or cell phone with memory. Believe us that you will not stop taking pictures.
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses, since the sun hits hard in the morning.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that in Huancaya there are no luxury hotels, rather simple inns that are run by the locals. However, they have basic services and care is very good. Another option widely used by travelers is to go camping, since you have several options. In that case, make sure you take everything you need to camp and not get cold.

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