Flood in Cusco came after the snowfall Salkantay Mountain

Flood in Cusco came after the snowfall Salkantay Mountain

27 February 2020

Minister Vasquez, who is in the affected area, said experts from the Geological Mining and Metallurgical Institute (Ingemmet) are in place to conduct studies.

Climate change. The flood that left dead, missing and damaged in the Cusco district of Santa Teresa (The Convention) was caused by the detachment of the ice block of the Salkantay snow, identified by Minister Edgar Vásquez, in charge of this area in emergency.


The ice block fell on the Salkantay lagoon, which is located on the slopes of the snowy, causing a landing and its flow in the Sacsara, Santa Teresa and Aobamba rivers tributaries along its left bank of the Urubamba River.

This event has its antecedent in 1998. In January of that year, the snowfall caused a large flood to sweep through the entire center of Santa Teresa (La Antigua) and other sub-basin villages.

The Senamhi has identified in studies the sub-basin of the Santa Teresa, Sacsara, Aobamba and Chaupimayo rivers, in the vicinity of the Salkantay snowy, as a place that must have the accelerated retreat of glaciers in the Tropical Andes. The population potentially involved in the district of Santa Teresa with its annexes and peasant communities, which together represents 1422 inhabitants.


Vasquez Minister´s who is in the affected area, had to know experts from the Geological Mining and Metallurgical Institute (Ingemmet) is in place to conduct studies and know with certainty about what happened and avoid future events.

The Minister said authorities give priority to the transfer of the injured and the sending of humanitarian aid with helicopters from the Armed Forces.
Vásquez met with representatives of the Regional Emergency Committee (COER) to organize emergency aid, which also includes sending troops from the Army to small towns that are still held incommunicado.


How can you help to protect the Sacred Mountain - Salkantay?


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