Covid and the Cleaner Environment

Covid and the Cleaner Environment

21 October 2020

Nobody expected that the consequences of the coronavirus outbreak have had positive effects on the environment such as dramatic improvement in air quality due to the economic downturn. It is overwhelming to watch the healing of nature during the pandemic!


Flights have been canceled worldwide. The volume of air traffic fell by 60% globally.
As the planes were suspended from March to June 2020, the weather returned to normal, as it was years ago. At least in Europe, after many years, it was the summer it had been for decades. That is, colder, rainier, with alternating sunny and colder days. It lasted until June. Then, after the resumption of air traffic, there appeared again nearly 40 degrees of heat, which used to be normal only in southern Europe and northern Africa.


The Financial Times published a satellite image comparing nitrogen dioxide pollution in March-April 2019 with the same period of 2020 in selected areas around the world. We had the opportunity to see how the air cleared over Tehran (Iran), New Delphi (India), Prague, London (UK), Madrid (Spain), Milan (Italy), Moscow (Russia), and Los Angeles (USA).


Due to traffic and production attenuation, there was a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions in China corresponding to a global reduction of 6%.


The grieving coronavirus pandemic has also proved its worth in Venice, Italy, which had attracted crowds of tourists throughout the year. They emptied in March 2020. As a result of the dramatic decline in shipping, we were able to watch shots of crystal clear water, where fish and swans returned to the iconic canals. After a long time, dolphins came to some Italian shores. Air quality has also improved significantly.


Nature has taken back what belongs to it!


The key would be a possible change in consumer behavior around the world, either due to the economic impact of the crisis or greater awareness. The crisis also has the potential to change people's behavior and consumption habits in the long run, for example by forcing them to think twice before embarking on a long journey that could end up in quarantine. However, if the crisis spreads or ends with the paralysis of important sectors in individual countries, emission reductions could be really significant for annual volumes.


Whatever the outcome, one thing is for sure, the Covid has helped the Earth and animals return to their habitat and the land takes a break from contamination. We too can benefit by breathing cleaner air, having a better quality of water and nature rested from man.


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