Community support

Community support

03 December 2018

The peasant communities of the Region are home to 111,083 families; being the communities of the provinces of Canchis (14,583 families), Chumbivilcas (13,681 families), Quispicanchi (11,637 families) and Espinar (10,385) those that host the largest number of peasant families. These provinces also have the lowest human development indexes (HDI) in the Region: Canchis (0.5076 HDI), Chumbivilcas (0.4904 HDI), Quispsicanchi (0.4909 HDI) and Espinar (0.5313 HDI). The largest number of the commoner population lives in the provinces with the highest rates of poverty and extreme poverty in the Region.


Although the indices show that the number of families living in extreme poverty has been reduced, more than a fifth of the global population subsists with less than US $ 1.25 a day.


The community support necessarily involves "the strengthening of an organizational culture oriented towards associativity and the development of a business culture that develops the intelligence of markets, marketing channels, production and modernization of the agricultural sector.


We bring community support for the different communities within our Cusco region, since we have been able to appreciate the different needs of the indigenous people descended from the Peruvian Incas to 100% people who are not in contact with the largest cities. They only eat potatoes, alpacas and llamas, since they do not grow other edible products, they do not have electricity, they do not have drinking water, and they are living on more than 4000 meters of altitude, where the Peruvian government abandoned them.


We focus on supporting indigenous families living in poverty in small isolated peasant communities in the Cusco region, located around 4000 m.s. We focus on communities that to date have not received any type of community support or social assistance - neither from the Peruvian government nor from other private or public organizations.


Our sole purpose is to give the communities a different way of life an opportunity, we would like you to support us in this commitment, HELP US TO HELP, and that tourism plays an important role in the economy of Cusco we want to redistribute part of that income in our small projects and perhaps in the future they can be bigger.

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