Responsible People Fundation

What we do

"Responsible People Foundation" is focuse on improve the development of poorest communities.


It is concentrated on creating and scaling innovations based on demand of tourism market to stimulate inclusive and sustainable economic growth. The foundation works to improve school and high school education, and supports vulnerable children and families of the communities.


Our approach of donation emphasizes collaboration, innovation, risk reduction, and most importantly, the results. We connect community families with experts to improve their financial and agricultural services. Our innovations include more than just technology. We work with our partners to generate new ways of sharing knowledge.



We use our experience in the tourism industry to identify programs with the best chance of success. We evaluate our partners thoroughly and organizate local visits to ensure that we are creating livelihoods that are truly lifting people out of poverty.



We create detailed work plans with our local partners and contribute with money to train them and support their development of habilities, so they can learn to manage their own business.



If you build it, they will come. We connect our partners with an initial customers base, ensuring immediatly the profitability of the business, and his long-term success.