Responsible Travel company

Responsible Travel company

10 September 2018

Responsible people is an responsible travel company, involved in responsible tourism in each of the trips. We want to ensure a sustainable tourism for the next generations that allows Cusco to continue growing and offering spaces of nature and archaeological attractions to all our visitors

According to our point of view, the considerations to take into account "responsible travel company" in our country as well as in any other should at least meet some elementary aspects so that the beneficiaries are our tourists, our responsible travel company and people who work in it, especially the environment.


Responsibility with the tourist: In Cusco our excursions are organized and operated by ourselves and will make the benefit equitable both for you and for the people that will make your experience as pleasant as possible. We will not pass on to any other agency so you can be sure that your trip will be operated 100% by us.

Employment to local people: 100% of our workers are people who were born and live in Cusco, both our office staff, reservations, operations, guides, cooks and especially porters are from Cusco and they have job stability with us receiving their payment without any delay. Our staff is treated with respect, granting them at no extra cost the necessary implements for their normal performance.

Tax payments: All our excursions include all taxes that are 18% of the IGV (general sales tax). So you will not find hidden fees in our prices, these taxes are paid on time every month. We firmly believe that paying our taxes will help the economic growth of our country and we hope that this will reach the poorest and most abandoned areas.

Care of the environment: Our commitment to caring for the environment is totally firm. We have canceled the use of paper almost entirely, now almost 90% of reservations are made electronically and we only need paper to print the tickets to the archaeological centers and the papers we use are from the CHAMEX brand. Those who are also committed to the environment. The use of plastic is minimal in our excursions and is only used for adventure tours. We use reusable plastics to put at the base of our sleeping tents and we only carry red and green non-reusable plastics to load the organic and non-organic waste obliged by the regional culture directorate (DRC) in coordination with SERNANP.

Social projection: Part of our earnings go to carry out annual social projections in communities far from our city, they are usually villages where our porters come from. All activity is carried out in the month of February of each year although due to the heavy rains we have in that month it is more likely that the month will change.


Tips for you to contribute to sustainable tourism:



Below we suggest you read these recommendations so that your stay in our environment is as pleasant as possible:

  • Respect local customs, culture and traditions.
  • Always ask permission before photographing the local people and pay special attention if you are going to participate in a religious or liturgical ceremony.
  • Learn key words of the local language, do not expect everyone to be able to communicate with you in your language.
  • Dress and behave respectfully, especially in towns, religious sites and cultural areas.
  • Support and promote the local economy by buying locally produced products, as well as their crafts.
  • Dispose of your garbage carefully, recycle as much as possible, re-use your bottles and say no to plastic bags.
  • Remember that you are a guest - do not do anything that you would not do at home.
  • Enjoy nature but do not chase or touch wild animals.
  • Leave everything as you found it, do not remove anything that can be part of the natural balance such as stones, plants, etc.
  • Stay on the trails, the trails are designed to decrease erosion caused by the transit of visitors.
  • Encourage responsible behavior on the part of your family and others.
  • Do not be exaggerating trying to find a cheaper price - bargain. Some savings currencies for you can mean a lot to the livelihood of local families.
  • If you are going to dine out, choose the small restaurants, in this way you benefit individuals instead of companies or international chains.
  • Please do not throw garbage anywhere.
  • Pay special attention to used batteries because they are very harmful to the environment. Bring them with you to your place of origin and dispose of them in the proper way.
  • Preserve water as much as you can.
  • Preserve electric power as much as you can.
  • Report environmental damage to the authorities.


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Responsible Travel company

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Responsible people is an responsible travel company, involved in responsible tourism in each of the trips. We want to ensure a sustainable tourism for the next generations that allows Cusco to continue growing and offering spaces of nature and archaeological attractions to all our visitors According to our point of view, the considerations to take into account "responsible travel company" in our country as well as in any other should ...
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