Responsible People Fundation

About Responsible People

Our Vision

Be a fundation that can create to every community, family, child and youth the opportunity to participate, learn and grow inside of their own environment to reach their full potential.


Our Mission

Empower communities, family, children and youth connecting them with opportunities to build hope for lifelong change and break the cycle of poverty.


Building Brighter Futures

"Responsible People" is a local organization that helps local families. Life can be challenging when there isn´t enough money to cover our neediness like housing and proper nutrition. For many families in Peru the reality is that they have 'just barely enough' to look after their basic needs. We also know that for many families in our community 'just barely enough' means a luxury.


Life has to be an opportunity. Positive and rewarding experiences during key developmental years in families, childhood and adolescence can shape a child's future and help break cycles of hardship. Along to our benefactors, volunteers and community partners, we find opportunities in hard times to help each child to grow, explore and unleash their great potential. We help children today through our four programs: Adopt A Community, a Family, a Children or a School to build brighter futures tomorrow.

Foundation support our community throught an investment in the health and future, and in consecuence in a brighter futures. In our world, opportunity outshines hardship every time. "Responsible People" is a registered charity.